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Description: This is the type of momentary switch that you might find on your car doors to control the cab lights. It's a momentary on switch and can be panel mounted in a 19mm hole. The switch is normally open, and is on when fully pressed in.


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  • How much force does it take to press it in? I’m thinking it looks pretty good for use under a pedal for my dogs to push as part of a game I’m making for them. Also, the dimensional drawing doesn’t indicate how high the button is.

  • Most cars (that use a door pin switch similar to this) DO use a NO switch that goes to ground when the door opens. Many newer Ford/Mazda/Volvo products use NC switches (built into the door latch mechanism) that go to open when the door is open….and the dome lights are controlled through a Body Control Module (BCM). Depending on size, these might be a handy “hack” for “fixing” bad latch contacts on these types of cars.

  • Just so you know all the car door switches I have seen are normally closed so when you open the door it completes the 12 v circuit and the lights go on.

    Though I can imagine that some cars may use a computer control dome light that may use a NO switch.

    • Yes, a normally closed switch would be much more useful, if you ask me. I’m thinking of ways to illuminate my kitchen cabinets and if I were to use this switch, I would have to use a transistor or other active component to invert the action of the switch, which would needlessly use power when the light is supposed to be off.

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