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Description: The Arduino Ethernet Shield 2 allows an Arduino Board to connect to the Internet. It is based on the Wiznet W5500 Ethernet chip. The Wiznet W5500 provides a network (IP) stack capable of both TCP and UDP. It supports up to eight simultaneous socket connections. Use the Ethernet library to write sketches that connect to the Internet using the Shield. The Ethernet Shield 2 connects to an Arduino Board using long wire-wrap headers extending through the Shield. This keeps the pin layout intact and allows another Shield to be stacked on top of it.

There is an onboard micro-SD card slot, which can be used to store files for serving over the network. It is compatible with the Arduino Uno and Mega (using the Ethernet library). The onboard micro-SD card reader is accessible through the SD Library. When working with this library, SS is on Pin 4. The original revision of the Shield contained a full-size SD card slot; this is not supported.

The shield also includes a reset controller, to ensure that the W5500 Ethernet module is properly reset on power-up. Previous revisions of the Shield were not compatible with the Mega and needed to be manually reset after power-up. The most recent revision of the board exposes the 1.0 pinout on rev 3 of the Arduino UNO Board. The Ethernet Shield 2 has a standard RJ-45 connection, with an integrated line transformer and Power over Ethernet enabled but please be aware that this shield does not come with a built in PoE module. The PoE module that will need to be added on is a separate component that must be added on. This shield also features several TinkerKit input/output and communication interfaces that can be found on the topside of the board.


  • Operating voltage 5V (supplied from the Arduino Board)
  • Ethernet Controller: W5500 with internal 32K buffer
  • 2x TinkerKit Inputs, Outputs, and TWI Pins Each
  • Connection speed: 10/100Mb
  • Connection with Arduino on SPI port


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Customer Comments

  • So to ask the obvious but unasked question, since the specs of the wiznet 5200 and 5500 chips (and therefore the shields based on them) are so similar, is there a burning reason to switch to the 5500-based shield? Is the 5200 chip or 5200-based shield going obsolete? I make a product built around an Arduino Ethernet board; does the 5500 shield do something better/cheaper/faster/more reliably (notwithstanding the issue of Mega reset compatibility – I’m using Unos)?

  • never mind.

  • It barely mentions PoE. Is that really available and will it power a UNO?

    • You need the SilverTel PoE module to complete it. It should be AG9120S, at least that’s what the old Arduino Ethernet and Ethernet Shield used.

    • Yes it is, and it will power an uno. There’s a bit more info on the copy over at the product page for the board

      • Hi, I am a bit confuse, is this shield POE or not POE? does it need something else to be complete, as mention by user jpbot, or is it POE as it comes?

        • Well, after the research below I found that I should have looked closer to home, From the product description above: “The Ethernet Shield 2 has a standard RJ-45 connection, with an integrated line transformer and Power over Ethernet enabled.” So this must be the A000025 flavor.

        • If I’m reading Arduino’s product page correctly the answer is “It depends”. There seem to be two flavors of this shield: A000024 - Without PoE A000025 - With PoE

          The problem is that I cannot find which version this is anywhere on this page. A quick search showed that the PoE version is available a few places, but I’d like to know if this is one of them before being forced elsewhere.

      • Yes, but nowhere on either or (that I can find) is there any information on how to actually procure one of those modules.

        I’ll repeat my request here from the new-product page. Would SparkFun be able to stock the module that the Arduino ethernet shields and boards are designed to use?

        • It would be nice because they aren’t stocked with the usual guys (Mouser and DigiKey), will is where I picked them up in the past for quite a bit less than the hobby/maker places that do bother to try selling them from time to time. Sadly it looks like they’re not in stock at the moment but you can order them and I’m sure a nice person will call you to advise you on the delay.

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