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Description: This assortment of tools is great for those of you who are new to soldering. We've found our favorite, low-cost tools, and created a kit that we would give to our friends. While these tools might not be enough for more difficult, surface-mount type assembly, they should be just what you need for through-hole soldering.

This time around we've kitted all the tools together in our spiffy new SparkFun branded packaging and added our SparkFun Saftey Glasses. Go hack something!

Kit Includes:


Replaces: TOL-11101

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  • Why lead free solder whyyyyyyyyyyyy!

    • Much tastier… Just kidding, don’t eat the solder. On the other hand we have a lot of students etc. buying kits, and we like to keep them (and all our customers safe). While we realize no one is buying this kit to assemble production level boards that need to be RoHS compliance, we’d like to see a little less lead in our landfills, not to mentioned being ingested when eating that sandwich in the lab. Also, the solder is pretty good and easy to work with.

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