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Description: These are white 5" x 3" electroluminescent (EL) panels from ELastoLite®. These EL panels are highly flexible, waterproof, and with a little bit of assembly can be easily be applied to most articles of clothing.

ELastoLite® is a waterproof electroluminescent lamp line that allows you to apply light to any article of clothing or project. Thanks to a 3-dimensional, elastomeric, membranous polymer thick film, this EL line can be applied to almost any surface with no loss to flexibility and movement.

Note: Make sure you check out the Hookup Guide below for ELastoLite® tips and instructions.


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  • One question how bright is this? I cannot find a datasheet … :(

  • So, how thin is this? Can I trim it? How perfect would it be to retrofit my old Game Boy Advance with a backlight? I’m getting broken gateway 502 error on the Hookup Guide.

    • They are about 0.3mm thin. They can not be trimmed. Hookup Guide link should work now. Hope this helps!

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