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Description: This is the PurpleTooth Jamboree a full-function board, designed to provide audio bridge support through the A2DP, HFP, and AVRCP Bluetooth Classic profiles. The module is also dual mode which means it can operate as  Bluetooth 2.1 or Bluetooth 4.0 (BLE). It includes circuitry for converting single-ended audio inputs and microphones to balanced inputs for the module, and converting the module’s balanced audio output to an amplified single-ended signal suitable for line-input and headphones. The PurpleTooth also includes buttons for pairing and sending audio commands to remote devices, battery charge circuitry, and six-pin serial headers pinned out for connecting to either FTDI basic boards or boards like the Arduino Pro, Pro Mini, and LilyPad.

Each PurpleTooth Jamboree comes standard with a BC127 Bluetooth module, an extremely competent and easy-to-use dual-mode Bluetooth radio. In command mode, any data coming in on the serial port is treated as commands and will be parsed accordingly by the module’s command interpreter. In data mode, any data arriving over the serial port will be directly piped out over the Bluetooth link, assuming that the module is connected to another device using the Serial Port Protocol.

The PurpleTooth is equipped with one Mic in / LINE in 3.5mm jack (with additional 4-pin through-hole mic adapters), one Headphone / LINE out 3.5mm jack (with additional 4-pin through-hole L/R speaker adapters), seven button volume, track, play and pair control, serial to micro and FTDI support, and a USB micro port for programming.


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  • If we take this and combine it with spectrum analyzer I could have a music source some where that sends the music over bluetooth to this and have an Arduino so something with the spectrum analyzer? Or is there a more simple way to accomplish the same idea but keep the Arduino wireless from the music source?

  • Hi, The device does not respond to any command I am sending via terminal. I do receive status notifications from it. It is connected via FTDI. Any suggestions please?

  • Will this device allow me to stream audio from Arduino Due connected to it to BT speakers?

    • That depends on the nature of the audio; however, it can be used to transmit PCM, I2S, or analog audio signals, so the odds are good that the answer is yes.

  • Do these by default support more than just SBC in terms of codec? I read in the command set that if AAC and MP3 were desired to contact BlueCreations. I assume I would have to contact them to get that support? Assuming by default this doesn’t support them.

    For the AptX codec, is the license they are referring to something that would have to be requested from CSR?

    thanks, -Dan

  • So when will the BrownTooth and YellowTooth board be out? Hmm, somehow just doesn’t have the same ring to it, does it? :P

  • Q: RE: Hookup - Is there a way that you could use RCA connectors to hook this up? I am worried about the hum that ¼ inch jacks can add to your music.

    • These are 1/8" jacks, but that doesn’t fix that problem.

      The single-ended output signals are available on a .1" header right next to the audio jack. The differential signals are available on a header up at the top edge of the board. Either way, you can definitely pull the signals out to whatever other device you want to use.

  • Hi SFUptownMaker. Before purchasing a couple boards, I’d like a confirmation that this video is applicable to the Jamboree board. Specifically, the board enumerates as a COM port and will allow for a Melody upgrade?

    • You’ll need a serial-to-usb bridge, such as the FTDI Basic. The board in the video includes that part on the board, so it doesn’t require the external USB adapter.

      Otherwise, it should work. During development, I had no trouble updating the firmware on my BC127 modules using an FTDI basic hooked up to the header on the Jamboree board. I never tried the 5.2 upgrade, and I haven’t played with 5.2- you’re moving into unknown (and unsupported!) territory here.

      • Understood. Also, the schematic above seems to be missing two pages. Any chance the full schematic can be made available?

        • I’ll see what I can do. In the meantime, the full schematic is available in the EAGLE files; I think the conversion to PDF just missed the other two pages.

  • Has anyone used these with a Blue Tooth Speaker with this?

    • I have not; however, I have connected two BC127 modules together and streamed audio from one to the other.

      It’s not a slam-dunk that it will work with all Bluetooth speakers, but since it can act as an A2DP source, I would expect any A2DP sink speaker system to work with it.

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