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Description: Do you need that extra push over the cliff? The Large sized GTE (Goes To Eleven) Knob can fit onto potentiometers with a 6mm wide shaft thanks to a brass insert with a set screw.

We know that most of you are playing at ten, but with the GTE Knob you can go… one louder.

Note: It goes to eleven.

Dimensions: 36.9 x 15.1mm


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  • So here’s a question – how far apart are the 1 and 11 marker? Are the markings – including the non-graduated space between the 1 and 11 – equidistant? So 360/11° between major divisions?

    I’m trying to figure out the kind of travel I need on a potentiometer so it will dead stop at the 1 and the 11. Seems to be maybe 330° or so.

  • My GTE knobs arrived in the mail today, and when I went to install them, I was saddened to discover that they are incompatible with my GTT (Goes To Ten) potentiometers. I guess it’s time to upgrade my entire system to… one louder.

  • $1.50? If you ask me, having a knob that goes to eleven is just priceless.

  • I watched the TEDx talk about patents earlier. How long until I can get one that goes to twelve?

  • Why don’t you just make ten louder and make ten be the top number and make that a little louder?

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Great novelty, but low-quality

While having a knob that goes up to eleven is pretty awesome, it’d be nice if the manufacturer of this knob turned up their quality above 5. Bottom line: This is a novelty item.


  • Goes to eleven


  • Thin metal bends easily around edge of numbered section. Look closely at the product photos for a mild example of this around the 6.2 marking, and on the photo of the bottom.
  • Didn’t line up with the rotation range of the potentiometers I had on-hand.