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Description: The 4.3” resistive touch LCD touch from 4D Systems is a cape specifically designed for the Beaglebone Black, and provides a 4.3” primary display for the BBB for direct user interaction and information display. The Beaglebone Black connects directly to the back of the LCD cape, and provides everything the cape requires such as power and display signals.

The Beaglebone Black LCD cape features 7 push buttons below the screen, LEFT, RIGHT, UP, DOWN, ENTER, RESET and POWER, along with 2 LED’s to indicate Power and User Status. Mounting the cape is easy with the 4x 3.5mm mounting holes present on it, enabling standard M3 or #6-32 screws to fasten the the LCD cape as required.

Note: This LCD is only compatible with the Beaglebone Black.


  • 4.3” TFT LCD CAPE for the Beaglebone Black
  • Resistive Touch Screen
  • 7 push buttons including LEFT, RIGHT, UP, DOWN, ENTER, RESET and POWER
  • 2 LED Lights for Power and User
  • 2x2 Jumper with shunts for EEPROM CAPE ID selection
  • Module dimensions: 120.4 x 80.0 x 24.8mm
  • Module dimensions with Beaglebone Black: Approx 120.4 x 80.0 x 32.0mm
  • 4x 3.5mm Mounting holes


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Customer Comments

  • For those who don’t want to click through to the datasheet:

    “The 4D 4.3” LCD CAPE features a 4.3” TFT LCD 480x272 resolution display.”

  • Touch issues solved with latest 3.8.13-bone37 kernel. Debian image with all fixes in place available from here. Works really well.

  • This thing is ridiculously awesome. Plug it into your BBB and it works! Sweet price too.

  • How is this less than half the price of other 4.3" touch screen display from 4D systems? There has to be a catch.

    • This is a “dumb” display; it does not have the onboard GOLDELOX graphics controller that the more expensive displays contain. The BB has plenty of horsepower to drive it directly.

  • Besides the problem with accessing the I/O pins physically, what pins are actually free for other programs to use, when the display is connected ?

  • got this In the mail today. was as easy as plugging it in to set it up. good luck taking it off. it is on tight once on.! bent 3 pins pulling the cape off. everything worked though. touch was fine on my rev c beaglebone

    • Any thoughts or experience on if this is bright enough to be used outdoors in full sunlight and still be at least somewhat readable?
  • This is a nice LCD. I am curious is there a way to turn on/off the screen?

    • So there is a slick bezel in the related products for this… Is there a (somewhat) easy way to make use of the buttons with it the bezel and still keep the professional look? Maybe something along the lines of a ‘hat’ of sorts you could set on the microswitches before mounting screen to bezel, and drill holes in the correct locations in the bezel, and the ‘hats’ would remain captive between the bezel and screen? Or is there something easier I’m missing?
  • Does anyone know if the LCD is removable and if you able to get access to the pins so you can replace your own LCD to test?

  • So with this plugged in, how would you access the other pins on the bone that it’s not using?

    • Got to use another cape in between. LCD capes are designed to be the final cape in the ‘stack’. So simply put something like a prototyping cape in between the BBB and the LCD to access the unused pins. A few on the market. Check out, and something like

    • I don’t think there is a way. :(

  • Great display. I have it running on Ubuntu Saucy 13.10 from armhf. The documentation only mentions Angstrom, Android and “others” - happy to see it working.

  • that’s actually really nice!


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Bright and responsive.

I ordered two new beagle bones with my LCD capes, worked well! I attempted to add one to an older 2GB Beagle model i had from a few years back, Display didn’t work. I got a little frustrated and flashed the newest Debian disto to it and BAM, worked like a charm. Display is bright and the touch calibration is simple enough for grandma. Works well for my touch enabled doorputer project.

Good quality screen, Drivers are garbage

Works great with kernel 3.8. Doesn’t work at all with kernels beyond 3.8. That’s too bad since I need certain features in 4.0

kernels beyond 3.8 make the cursor jitter like crazy, spiking the CPU to 100% making the screen, touchscreen and beaglebone unusable.