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Description: This is the Multi-Chassis Basic 4WD Kit, an easy to assemble and use robot chassis platform. The Multi-Chassis kit provides you with everything you need to give your robot a fast four wheel drive platform with plenty of room for expansion to add various sensors and controllers. All you need to do is supply is a basic motor driver and power and you’ll be ready to drive!

This Multi-Chassis Basic 4WD Kit includes four 48:1 DC gearboxes that independently drive each of the 65mm low-profile wheels. Each side of the 2.5mm thick aluminum frame comes cut with plenty of attachment points to add a multitude of different robot controllers, drivers, and sensors.

Note: A building instruction booklet with a complete list of items included is inside this kit and in the documents section below. This comes as a kit but includes all the hardware and tools necessary for assembly.


  • Completed Kit Size - 165L x 157W x 65H mm
  • Wheel Diameter - 65 mm

Kit Includes:

  • 1x Aluminum Frame
  • 4x 65 mm Diameter 48:1 DC Gearbox
  • 4x Low-Profile Wheel
  • 4x M3 25mm Standoff
  • 6x M3 8mm Screw
  • 4x M2.5 25mm Screw
  • 4x 2.5 20mm Screw
  • 8x M3 8mm Screw
  • 8x M2.5 Nut
  • 2x M3 Nut
  • 1x 5 AA Battery Holder
  • 1x Spanner
  • 1x Screw Driver


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Customer Comments

  • Having success so far using two SN754410 quad half-h drivers and powering with a 2000 mAh single cell LiPo.

  • Hello, Could anyone please tell me the weight of this kit?

  • This may seem like a dumb question, but does anyone know of this could be connected to the Kinoma Create?

  • Has anyone built and Arduino controlled robot with this chassis? Look at the picture, I am afraid the battery pack is taking up a lot of room and it would be difficult to include an Arduino, motor shield, a proto or small breadboard, and some sensors. I’d be interest in some pictures on how to mount a reasonable amount of gear to one of these.

    • Hello, I did use this chassis. The space limitation was an issue I was facing as well. I mounted everything on a separate plywood board, and then affixed that to the chassis. That gave me enough room to mount everything I needed

      Here is my blog:

      Hope that is useful for you. Happy tinkering, Abhi

  • Is it possible to control this with only an arduino uno and no motor controller?


    • Not really. Arduinos can only put out 40mA per pin which isn’t enough to drive most motors. The main purpose of a motor controller is to use that low power signal from a microcontroller to control the type of power motors need.

    • I think that would damage the Arduino board.

      • Agreed, DC motors don’t work good with dev boards. Could probably create your own motor control board for cheap

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great product for the price!

Heavy aluminum chassis with plenty of holes. Motor housing and gears are plastic, of course, but run smoothly.