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Description: These are resistant XL sized timing belts that fit snug inside of the Actobotics timing pulleys. Each belt is made out of neoprene with fiberglass cords running its length to provide a fair ammount of strength and durability. The timing belts have a width of 3/8", a length of 12", and a 1/5P.

Note: This belt is sold by the foot in custom lengths. No returns will be accepted for custom cut lengths.


  • Length - 12"
  • Width - 3/8"
  • Pitch - 1/5


Comments 5 comments

  • Is the belt sold in a continuous piece in foot increments of in separate foot pieces? Say I order 3 foot, will it be one long piece or 3 foot section pieces?

  • must be still asleep. Im guessing you use the Timing Belt Mount, to do that, as most of the time you would mount something on there. Do these clear going over a pulley?

    • The Timing Belt Mount is not designed to make a seamless belt. This cut length belt is for use in making sliders and non-continuous motion. If you need a larger selection of continuous belts check

  • How do you attach ends to make a loop?

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