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Description: This is the LIR2477 rechargeable lithium ion coin cell battery. The battery is rated for 3.6V @ 160mAh and comes standard with two PTH pins tacked on to the top and bottom so a coin cell holder is not required. This battery has been used in the fabrickit product line.

Dimensions: 24.5x7.7mm (Without pins)

Weight: 7g


Comments 4 comments

  • Ordered two, one registers at .87V, the other at 1.3. These are not pre-charged. This should be noted in the product description.

  • Can the coin cell be removed from the holder? If not, one would have to integrate a charging facility in one’s design, and that’s presumably close to impossible to do with through hole components, so to use this successfully in a design, it would take considerably more than “rookie” soldering and prototyping skills.

    • It looks to me like they are spot-welded on. If removal for charging is a concern then perhaps you could solder a pigtail to the battery and use that for connecting to your circuit. (Or just bare wires with spring terminals - Those are probably easier to solder.)

      Alternate option: Solder the battery in place, but put a .1" jumper or DPST switch on the feed and leave a jack to connect the charger - Just switch the jumper or switch and voila! Charging without back-feeding your circuit.

    • Agree, it’s spot-welded on; that doesn’t prevent you from very carefully trimming the leads, though.

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