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Description: These are black, self-adhesive silicone bumpers 8mm in diameter and about 2mm tall. These bumpers raise your PCB or project up off your desk which helps prevent short circuiting from bits of scrap wire floating about or setting a project down on a conductive surface. They also prevent your enclosure or PCB from sliding around. These black silicone bumpers come in strips of 5.

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  • 5 is actually much better for PCBs - 1 at each corner and one dead center. That way when you insert a chip the board doesn’t flex down and touch the surface below.

  • I am going to use these for a guitar amplifier I am building.

  • A strip of 5 seems a little odd. It would make more sense (to me) to sell in multiples of 3 or 4. Oh well; I guess I’ll just have to order 4 strips of 5.

    [edit] Not a complaint; just a thought.

    • think of it was 4 and you get one free. We actually ordered strips of 4 and just started getting strips of 5 for the same price.

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