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Description: If you’ve ever wondered how to control high current devices from a low-power microcontroller, a MOSFET is what you need. The NDP6020P is a very common MOSFET with very low on-resistance and a control voltage (aka gate voltage) that is compatible with most 5V and 3.3v microcontroller or mechanical switches. This allows you to control high-power devices with very low-power control mechanisms.


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  • P-Channel MOSFET with logic level Gate is a great way to really beef up a digital output, to do some serious power switching. Thanks to the tiny Rdson, the heatsink is often optional. I did a YouTube video about using P-channel MOSFETs with Arduino, showing and discussing switching speed versus gate drive current, and comparison to (more or less) equivalent transistor circuit.

    Coincidentally, I was using this same part, Fairchild NDP6020P.

    • The video above uses +5V for the high current source. But what if you need to switch 12V, or even higher? So I shot a second video that shows how to use a simple NPN transistor to drive the Gate, allowing the Source voltage to be much higher than the +5V, or +3.3V

  • I wonder if the mounting tab is connected to the source or the drain? i.e. - is it hot?

  • Ah the ever useful Mosfet. My favorite use for the P-Mosfet is to use it to disconnect a battery source from the circuit if something like say usb is connected. Combined with a charging circuit and you get a circuit that intelligently recharges the battery while the external source powers the project aswell without interfering with the charging.

    Just one of many uses for the P-Mosfet.

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