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Description: Sewable LED Ribbon is quite possibly one of the easiest ways to incorporate simple illumination and color effects into your next e-textiles project! Each strand of this ribbon is a meter long with 50 small red LEDs. These LED ribbons are highly flexible, foldable, and can even make knots. Unlike traditional LED strips, the LEDs in these ribbons have 360 degrees of luminosity, so you can see them no matter how they are positioned or sewn!

Attaching the ribbon is easy; the sewable tabs on each ribbon allow for a ¼" area that can be sewn down onto clothing, accessories and more. Attaching power to the ribbon is also easy; just strip the protective sleeve below the fabric and connect the exposed leads to power. The LED ribbon requires an input voltage of 4.5V with a maximum current of 250mA.


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  • What are the electrical specifications? (E.g., current per LED?) And are they a “simple parallel”, or does each LED have a limiting resistor?

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Specs for red 1m strip

These appear to have LEDs with a 1.8 volt forward voltage and a 4-5mA maximum current per LED. Since a 1m strip contains 50 LEDs, you can supply a maximum of 200-250mA per meter of strip before LEDs start burning out.

There are NO current limiting resistors in the strip so make sure you include a resistor if you’re using a power supply that isn’t inherently current limited. (Coin cells are current limited and up to two of them can be used in series on a 1 meter strip without any resistors.)