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Description: Ever wanted to play with those newfangled RFID tags? Although it’s been around for a while, the technology has been extremely cost-prohibitive and difficult to implement without being an RF engineer. This affordable product opens the door for using RFID in your own projects!

These paper-thin EPCglobal Gen2 tags work with our Simultaneous RFID reader. The tags can read and be written to — and also have a kill feature. Each tag comes with a TID (Truly Unique ID) that can’t be changed, but there’s plenty of memory for you to write and read from.


  • EPCglobal Gen2 and ISO/IEC 18000-6c
  • 800 Bits of Memory
  • 512 User Bits
  • 64-Bit Unique TID (unalterable serial number)
  • 32-Bit Access and 32-Bit Kill Passwords


  • Width: 1cm
  • Length: 7cm

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Customer Comments

  • 1cmx7cm…not 1mmx7mm :-D

  • MIne are not on a white backing rather it’s a clear substrate and it does not seem possible to peel them off. Are you saying just the metallic and chip peel off. Doesn’t seem possible.

    • My mistake, I was looking at the other tags that peel off the white backing. For this tag, just cut between them leaving the foil antenna sections untouched and you should be OK.

  • Stupid question but one is to cut these out of the 5-pack and are the small bits of print separate from the main body at the extreme ends of each tag important to maintain?

    • The entire foil section of these peel away from the white backing. You don’t need to cut them, but can if you want to. Just don’t cut anything metal.

  • Water proof, water resistant ?? I would like to tag 100 - 200 swimmers as they come out of the water and cross the finish line. The swimmers are funnelled into a 4 foot wide gate where the RFID reader will be located on the top of an arch with a high gain antenna. So, would these tags withstand being submerged??


    • Yes, these can withstand being submerged. In fact, you can read them while submerged, but the read range will decrease. I just tested one inside a glass of water and it reads just fine! It might be best to cover them in tape just to be sure though. I don’t know how long they can withstand being under water.

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