Flexible Grayscale Display - 1.81"

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Pong on a coffee mug! Why not? This is a small flexible, grayscale OLED display. That’s right, we said flexible. We’ve been hearing about flexible displays for years, it’s finally here! You can’t fold it like paper but this OLED from Wisechip can be bent to a 40mm radius without damage. The display is than 0.5mm thick, less than 0.5 grams, and can display some impressive graphics with great contrast.

The OLED display is 1.81" long with 160x32 4-bit grayscale pixels. The interface is 3-wire SPI and each pixel requires 4 bits. This means you will need a processor capable of storing a local array of 80*32 = 2,560 bytes in order to truly flex (pun intended) the power of the grayscale display. Basic 8-bit Arduinos can communicate with the display and do things like text but graphics will be tricky.

The carrier board generates the 12V required to drive the OLED display. The carrier board also has a signal buffer so that you can drive the display from any 3.3V or 5V microcontroller. However, because of the nature of the TXB0104 you must power the board with 3.5V or more. Your microcontroller can be 3.3V or 5V but we recommend you power the carrier board with 5V.

We’ve ported the MicroOLED library so you can do things like print text (two sizes) and the neat 7-segment number font. The library is complete and can be downloaded from the Arduino library manager (search “flexible oled”). We’ve provided a pile of examples to get you started. You can even help us make the library better!

  • 3.3V Regulator - VCC can be 3.5V to 5V
  • Level Shifter - Provides logic protection and conversion from 3.3 to 5V
  • 11 pin swing connector - Connection to display
  • Weight:
    • Display: 0.54g
    • PCB: 3.73g
  • Dimensions:
    • Display: 16mm x 56mm
    • PCB: 16mm x 64mm

All datasheets posted with explicit permission from Wisechip (thank you Wisechip!)



  • We’ve written a full fledged Arduino library. You can download it via the library manager or from github.

Customer Comments

  • What is that example image from? I’m glad you asked! We talk about it over here on the SparkX blog.

  • Any plans to work on a full color version? Or something a little bigger? Or both? I want something like this for my wrist-mounted Pi-Zero project.

    • We’ll carry larger and color displays as they are commercially available. Right now this is the limit of what Wisechip can manufacture.

  • Hi, I received my order of 2 Flexible OLEDs, but after installing the library, connecting wires to Arduino Mega 2560(I tried a Leonardo too) both screens show no sign of life with any of the example sketches… Any help? Arduino powered by USB 2/3 port, breakout board connected as follows: pin 3.3/5v -> arduino 5v, gnd -> gnd, SCLK -> pin 13, SDIN -> pin 11, !CS -> pin 10, !RES ->pin 8 I also contacted your support team via mail, and sent a photo, but received no answer. Those display aren’t exactly cheap, import duties costed as much a s a screen themselves, so some help would be appreciated! Thanks!

  • Why the one per person limit on this?

    EDIT: Ok makes since now!

    • Because Nate hasn’t been trained on our system in awhile :) Sorry, should have been set to limit of four. Should be fixed now.

      I want to limit SparkX qtys because of limited supply. If a given product sells well then the product goes to ‘reds’ and at that point the limits are generally removed.

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