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Hot-Air Rework Station - 303D

This hot-air rework station is great for professionals and hobbyists in need of tight temperature tolerances and large air flows. This unit displays a digital readout of the actual air temperature with a flow rate of up to 23L per minute. This very powerful unit can be used for multiple applications including standard SMD reflow/repair/removal, thermal IC stress testing, thermoplastic welding, and shrink-wrapping.

Each 303D Hot-Air Rework Station has two knobs on the front of the case to control air flow as well as temperature. These knobs are labeled Low to High allowing you to adjust the 303D almost immediately. This rework station even has a detachable power cable so if you happen not to like in North American you can replace it to fit your own standard plug provided it still uses 110/120V.

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  • 303D Hot Air Rework Station
  • Wand Holder
  • x2 Round Nozzle Tips
  • Closed-loop temperature control
  • Heats up quickly
  • Anti-static design
  • Intelligent cooling system maintains airflow after the unit is powered off until the air temperature is below 100°C
  • Temperature adjustment range: 100 ~ 480°C
  • Handle length (including air line): 120cm
  • Noise: <40dB
  • 110VAC input
  • Removable power cable
  • Dimensions: 224 x 126 x 110mm

Hot-Air Rework Station - 303D Product Help and Resources

How to Use a Hot Air Rework Station

April 10, 2018

Hot-air stations or heat guns are very useful tools and are essential for any electronics workbench. When working with or building printed circuit boards, there is a lot of room for errors to be made. Have no fear though, there are ways to remedy this with a hot air rework station!

Low Airflow when "Air" Dial is Turned Up

If you are getting low airflow when the "Air" Dial is turned up, make sure that you have the nozzle securely attached. With the nozzle, you will get more air flowing through the hot air rework station's handle.

S-E and H-E Errors

"S-E" Error

“S-E” usually means Sensor Error. It’s a common error. Sometimes it goes away after messing with the dial and the temperature will display properly again. Other times it indicates that the heat sensor is failing. The rework station might be able to be revived by removing and re-attaching the heater. Another tech support rep thinks it’s oxide building up on the connections. This results in fooling the controller into thinking the heater has failed.

"H-E" Error

Units displaying the “H-E” usually means there is a heating error. It might be that there is something with the heating element failing or not connected properly. Try checking the connections to see if the heating element needs to be re-seated. Last resort is getting a replacement heating element. A last resort is getting a replacement heating element.

Core Skill: Soldering

This skill defines how difficult the soldering is on a particular product. It might be a couple simple solder joints, or require special reflow tools.

3 Soldering

Skill Level: Competent - You will encounter surface mount components and basic SMD soldering techniques are required.
See all skill levels

Core Skill: Electrical Prototyping

If it requires power, you need to know how much, what all the pins do, and how to hook it up. You may need to reference datasheets, schematics, and know the ins and outs of electronics.

1 Electrical Prototyping

Skill Level: Noob - You don't need to reference a datasheet, but you will need to know basic power requirements.
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Looking for answers to technical questions?

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  • Does anyone know how to do more advanced stuff like changing from °C to °F and calibrating it? There's a little button on the back of the control board, but I haven't been able to figure out what it does.

  • Is there a good & affordable preheater that pairs well with this?

  • Hi! Cable aside am wondering if the unit would work here in the UK - does the power supply support 240V/50Hz, do you know? Or just 110V like the Features tab suggests?

    • I wish these had support for 120/240 volt operation, but the internal components are 110/120 volt only. Unfortunately 240 volts will kill these in seconds.

      You're probably better off finding one that works on 240V/50Hz natively, but if you really wanted to, these could be used with a 800 watt or larger 240v to 120v step down transformer.

  • "Adjust immediately after adjusting"?

  • Hey can I comment yet?

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Nice tool works well

Only problem is I had to replace the zip ties that hold the air tank to the pump they failed in the first 15mins. Caused horrible noise and vibration. Simple fix cost one star...

Great Tool For The Arsenal

I've wanted a reason to get one of these for a couple years and in my kind-of-new job I get to repair emergency alert devices. So I finally had justification for purchase. This is my first rework station so can't compare it to anything other brands. I can say, for desoldering antenna connectors from circuit boards, it works great! Controls are easy. Display is easy to read. Hose/wire length is ok although I could use another couple feet. I'm looking forward to trying surface mount soldering just for fun now.

Good hot air gun

This hot air gun works very well

Great hot air station.

Works well. As someone else mentioned, I pulled mine apart and found that the zip ties holding the tank on were both broken. The workmanship inside is good as well.

A very nice, economical hot-air station

I bought this instead of a more expensive (e.g., Hakko) unit, and very glad I did. So far, I've only installed a few 8-pin SOIC devices, but the unit is simple to use, the temperature seems accurate and settles in just a few seconds. More elaborate circuits to come !

great soldering station

its great for soldering/desoldering smd components and occasionally THT. unknowingly held the wand over a page of notes and burnt it.

Great Hot-Air Station

I've only worked with a few of these machines so I cannot attest to what I may be missing, however it has done everything I've needed it to; and at a super price! Sparkfun just made a xytronic-killer!
-Alex www.BrainLubeOnline.com www.McAlpineDevices.com


this unit is just what I was looking for , heats up quick , quality built little unit. i am going to have fun with this , and it was a fraction of the price of some other units i seen on line

Nice Rework Station but with MInor Issues

When I received the station it had a loud vibration noise. I contacted the tech department and was told I could open up the unit if I felt comfortable. Upon opening the unit I found the 2 zip ties that hold the air chamber to the air pump were both broken. I replaced the zip ties and added some foam padding around the air tank and the unit is now quiet and works great. Other than that minor problem, the rework station has done everything I have asked of it.

I love my new hot air station

I have had trouble soldering surface mount devices with my soldering iron. Surface mount is currently the best way to get components. The first time I tried it, it worked great at soldering on a 8 pin SOIC device. I have soldered multiple devices sincie and it works great, even including shrinking heat shrink tubing.

Too hot?

Excellent control over air, I just need to work on the temperature control better. If you're not careful, you will melt through the solder mask of a PCB.

Very Good Hot-Air Station

This is the second unit for me. The first one ran flawlessly for nearly six years, but one of the thermocouple wires broke right where the cable enters the box, and I couldn't find a replacement cable. I may take the cable apart and replace/repair the broken wire, but for now the new one I am sure will last longer than the first, as I will be taking much better care of the cable than I did with the first unit.