Wire Wrap Wire - Blue (Solid, 30AWG, 100ft)

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This is a 100ft spool of blue wire wrap wire. These wires are 30AWG with solid cores. Ideally suited for wire wrapping and many other applications, this wire is OFHC (oxygen free high conductivity) making it a flexible yet abrasion resistant wire.

Wire Wrap Wire - Blue (Solid, 30AWG, 100ft) Product Help and Resources

Working with Wire

February 8, 2013

How to strip, crimp, and work with wire.

Customer Comments

  • It’s worth warning people: do NOT substitute any-old 30-gauge solid-core wire for a real wire-wrap wire. The kynar insulation (and probably any suitable substitute) used in wire-wrap is specifically resistant to getting pinched-out and forms a critical protection against accidental shorts and bridging with adjacent lines.

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