Emergency Stop Switch

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Stop this crazy machine! Are you looking for the perfect emergency stop button for your project? Look no further. It’s Apem’s 24 mm Emergency Stop Switch! A bright red safety switch you can add to your project to tell everyone what button it is that shuts it all down.

Roughly the diameter of a quarter, just push to engage, then twist to release. But the fun doesn’t stop there! You can use this button for any number of purposes and projects that might require a red, push/twist button.

Note: The yellow "Emergency Stop" enclosure is not included with this product.

  • Panel thickness : 6 mm (.236) max.
  • Mechanical life : 6,050 cycles
  • Operating force : 18 to 20 N
  • Torque : 0.8 Nm
  • Switch terminals : solder/ quick-connect 2.8 mm (.110) (IEC 68-2-20)
  • Electrical function : push to shut off, twist to release
  • Current/voltage rating : AC-15 1.5 A 250 VAC, 6 A 250 VAC
  • Contact gap : > 3 mm
  • Insulation resistance : 50 MΩ min
  • Dielectric test voltage : 2,900 V


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