SmartSwitch - 64x32 LCD Push Button and Display

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SmartSwitches are some of the smallest off-the-shelf, programmable LCD push button hybrids. This SmartSwitch is a 64 color 64x32 pixel display that can project graphics for alphanumeric characters and animated sequences. Each SmartSwitch produces sharp, clear images of even the smallest characters.

This SmartSwitch requires 5V at 10mA-60mA (depending if the LCD backlight is on or not) to operate. While being controlled via a SPI interface, you will also have access to dual image VRAM that allows you to quickly change displayed images.


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  • Any chance of getting pictures of what the display actually looks like?

  • Looks like fun to experiment with, but I'm curious how bright it is - is it too dim to use outside?

    SparkFun please make a breakout board for this; perhaps a board that holds 3 or 4 of these in a row, and make sure it can be stacked side-by-side so you can build up a grid (crazy expensive Tic-Tac-Toe anybody?)

    Also, just to be clear: This is not a color display - it is a monochrome display with a color backlight. You can set the backlight to any one of 64 colors, but each pixel is either black or showing the backlight.

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