P2110B - Energy Harvesting Modules Powerharvester Receiver - 915 MHz

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The Powercast P2110B Powerharvester is an RF energy harvesting device that converts RF to DC. Housed in a compact SMD package, the P2110B receiver provides RF energy harvesting and power management for battery-free, micro-power devices. The P2110B converts RF energy to DC and stores it in a capacitor. When a charge threshold on the capacitor is achieved, the P2110B boosts the voltage to the set output voltage level and enables the voltage output. When the charge on the capacitor declines to the low voltage threshold the voltage output is turned off. A microprocessor can be used to optimize the power usage from the P2110B and obtain other data from the component for improving overall system operation.

  • High conversion efficiency
  • Converts low-level RF signals enabling long range applications
  • Regulated voltage output up to 5.
  • Up to 50mA output current
  • Received signal strength indicator
  • No external RF components required internally matched to 50 ohms
  • Wide RF operating range
  • Operation down to -12 dBm input
  • Externally resettable for microprocessor control
  • Industrial temperature range
  • RoHS compliant


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