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Arduino Shield EVE2 Series Dev Tool

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The NHD-FT81x-SHIELD provides seamless connectivity and direct software compatibility for the user when using any of the New Haven Displays EVE2 TFT Modules with an Arduino. See features list for additional information.

  • Arduino Shield to Interface all FT81x EVE2 TFT Modules
  • On-board Buck Switching Regulator
  • On-board Audio Power Amplifier
  • MicroSD Card Reader
  • Built-in Logic Level Shifting


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  • Someone didn't think this through... neither the display nor the shield comes with the special cable to hook the two together and I can't find it on Sparkfun's web site.

    This one looks like it will work. https://www.digikey.com/products/en?keywords=686720152001%20

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