EVE2 Premium LCD Board - 5.0in (TFT)

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Newhaven Display's 5.0" EVE2 TFT module powered by the FTDI/Bridgetek embedded graphic engine with capacitive touch integration. This Human Machine Interface (HMI) display offers users the highly desired, easy to work with Serial SPI communication, which enables the use of low-cost MCUs as the system host. For higher performance video, SPI data lines are supported in single, dual or quad mode and 1MB of RAM is built-in with no external frame buffer required.

This particular module is packaged with a Premium display, a projected capacitive touchscreen and a feature-rich controller allowing an all-in-one solution to control graphics, touch and audio. The Premium TFTs have improved brightness and the widest optimal viewing range.

  • Premium TFT with capacitive touch panel
  • 800x480 pixel resolution
  • On-board FTDI FT813 Embedded Video Engine (EVE2)
  • SPI Interface for Communication
  • Two Industry-Standard 20-pin Connection Options
  • 1MB of Built-in Graphics Memory (RAM)
  • On-board LED Backlight Driver with PWM
  • Multiple Image Formats, Widgets, Video & Audio Playback
  • Includes Audio Synthesization Capability
  • Built-in Scalable Fonts
  • Up to 255 Touch Tags for Tracking Touch Movement
  • 4 Mounting Holes for Standard M3 Screws
  • Portrait and Landscape Orientations Supported



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