Leopard Imaging Camera - 145 Degree FOV

The Leopard Imaging Camera is a 145° FOV (field of view) wide angle camera module designed specifically for compatibility with the NVIDIA Jetson Nano Developer Kit. It incorporates a Sony IMX219 8.08MP color sensor, a fixed focus (M8) lens, and an included ribbon cable, and utilizes CSI-2 MIPI 2-lane data output interface.

Note: SparkFun has not established the compatibility of this camera with Raspberry Pi. We are currently working with the manufacturer to confirm its compatibility and provide instructional support.

  • V1.2 camera module & attached ribbon cable
  • ESD packaging
  • Field of view (FOV): 145°
  • Module size: 150mm (L) x 25mm (W)
  • Sensor type: Sony IMX219 8.08MP color sensor
  • Active pixels: 3280 (H) x 2464 (V)
  • Image size: Diagonal 4.60mm (Type 1/4.0)
  • F/No: 2.6 (H90) / 2.5 (H145)
  • Focal length: 2.3mm (H90) / 1.55mm (H145)
  • TV distortion: < -10% (H90) / < -15% (H145)
  • Focusing range: 30cm - Infinity
  • Lens type: Fixed Focus (M8 lens)
  • Pixel size: 1.12um x 1.12um
  • Data output interface: CSI-2 MIPI 2-lane
  • IR cut filter

Leopard Imaging Camera - 145 Degree FOV Product Help and Resources

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  • The Raspberry Pi V2 camera module (IMX219 based) has an ATSHA204A I2C crypto chip that's used for handshaking with the GPU. Without that the GPU won't talk to the V2 camera module. The V1 camera module is free of this I believe.

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