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TeraRanger One is a distance measurement sensor that streams distance values in millimetres. The eye­safe infrared Time­of­Flight (ToF) technology provides super ­fast distance readings up to 1000 times per second with an accuracy of ± 4cm, and a range up to 14m.

The small size and low weight (8g) make the sensor ideal for automation, robotics and drone applications. It can be mounted on fixed or fast moving parts without affecting their performance. In contrast to older technologies, such as ultrasound, TeraRanger One provides fast, reliable data in a wide variety of environments and on most materials and surfaces, often outperforming laser ­based systems that cost many times more!

The sensor has two modes; fast and precision. In fast mode, accuracy is reduced and readings are taken 1000 times a second (1kHz), making the sensor ideal for high speed obstacle avoidance. In precision mode distance readings are achieved at up to 600Hz with an accuracy of ± 4cm, but ± 2cm is possible with a custom calibration.

TeraRanger One is simple to connect and use and automatically adapts to changing light and temperature. UART is the default interface and TWI (I2C compatible) is also available. Drivers for Robot Operating System (ROS) and drone autopilots such as Pixhawk PX4 and APM are available free of charge. TeraRanger One can also be connected to a computer using the optional USB adapter, enabling easy firmware upgrades and a direct data stream to a serial port.


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