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Iono MKR

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Iono MKR combines the ease of use of the Arduino platform with multiple input and output interfaces; the result is a rugged, safe, reliable and easy to connect module, suited for installation both in industrial and residential environments. Iono MKR ships without any Arduino board, so you can use your preferred Arduino MKR board, as far as it is fully compatible with the Arduino MKR pinout and fits the Iono MKR case.

  • 12÷28Vdc power supply, with surge and reverse polarity protection, and 1.1A resettable fuse
  • compatible with 3.3V operating voltage Arduino MKR boards. Currently the following boards are supported: Arduino MKR WiFi 1010, Arduino MKR1000 WiFi (with headers), Arduino MKR ZERO, Arduino MKR GSM 1400, Arduino MKR FOX 1200, Arduino MKR WAN 1300
  • 4 multi-mode inputs: either to be used as digital or as 0÷30V or 0÷20mA analog signals
  • 2 digital inputs for potential-free contacts or TTL level input/output
  • 1 buffered analog output 0÷10V controlled by the Arduino MKR DAC output
  • 4 power relay outputs rated for 6A at 250V
  • standard RS-485 interfaces to the Arduino serial pins, with electrostatic discharge protection
  • 1-Wire, I2C and Wiegand support
  • optional real time clock with on-board Lithium / Manganese Dioxide back-up battery
  • optional earthquake sensor module
  • removable terminal blocks for easier installation
  • inputs protected against electrostatic discharges and temporary over voltages
  • double internal insulation between high voltage areas (relay outputs) and all other components
  • compact, standard modular housing 3 units size, suitable for mounting on Omega rail.


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