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The DFRobot micro: Breadboard is a micro:bit-based expansion board designed for STEM-starter. This expansion board comes with a 3.23x2.17-inch breadboard on which all sorts of electronic components can be connected to build circuits. All IO ports of this board are led out in the form of a pin header and female header and require no welding. The micro: breadboard features on-board AB buttons, PWR indicator, independent power switch, more ways to play, and ease of use. This breadboard can be used for building and debugging circuits and for micro:bit based applications like light control lamp, smart doorbell, and temperature alarm.

  • Free from soldering
  • Electronic components can be used repeatedly
  • IO ports are led out in the form of pin header and female header
  • Supports visual programming, mind+, and python
  • Micro USB 5V power interface


  • 3.3V to 5V operating voltage range
  • 0V/3.3V digital output voltage
  • 0VDC to 3.3VDC analog output voltage range
  • Pin header and female header interface
  • micro:bit interface x19
  • Power interface x4
  • GND port x4
  • 3.23x2.17-inch breadboard
  • PWR indicator x1
  • Power switch x1
  • Onboard button(A/B) x2
  • 16.2cm x 7.2cm product dimensions
  • M3 screw hole


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