7.0" Gen4 Primary Display for the Raspberry Pi - Resistive Touch

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The gen4-4DPi range are Primary Display’s for the Raspberry Pi A+, B+, Pi2, Pi3, Pi3 B+, Pi Zero and Pi Zero W, which display the primary output of the Raspberry Pi, like what is normally sent to the HDMI or Composite output. It features an integrated Resistive Touch panel or Capacitive Touch panel, enabling the gen4-4DPi to function with the Raspberry Pi without the need for a mouse.

Communication between the gen4-4DPi and the Raspberry Pi is interfaced with a high speed 48Mhz SPI connection, which utilises an on-board processor for direct command interpretation and SPI communication compression, and features a customised DMA enabled kernel. This combination allows this display to output high frame rate compared to other SPI display solutions, when displaying a typical image/video, and can achieve higher depending if the image can be compressed.

The gen4-4DPi is designed to work with the Raspbian Operating System running on the Raspberry Pi, as that is the official Raspberry Pi operating system. It is also compatible with Pixel and Scratch.

The gen4-4DPi range connects to the Raspberry Pi’s 40 pin header using the gen4-4DPi Adaptor, which then connects to the gen4-4DPi display module using a 30-way FFC Cable.

Mounting of the gen4-4DPi is achieved with the 4x 4mm mounting holes present on the Resistive Touch Display Modules, enabling standard screws to fasten the Gen4-4DPi as required, or via the adhesive supplied on the Cover Lens Bezel which is part of the Capacitive Touch version.

  • gen4-4DPi-70T Module
  • gen4-4DPi-Adaptor
  • 30-way FFC Cable
  • Universal Primary Display for the Raspberry Pi.
  • Compatible with Raspberry Pi A+, B+, Pi2, Pi3, P3 B+, Pi Zero and Pi Zero W.
  • 7.0" LCD TFT Screen
  • 800x480 pixel Resolution
  • TFT Screen with integrated 4-wire Resistive Touch Panel
  • Display GUI output / primary output, just like a monitor connected to the Raspberry Pi
  • High Speed 48MHz SPI connection to the Raspberry Pi, featuring SPI compression technology.
  • Powered directly off the Raspberry Pi, no external power supply is required.
  • On board EEPROM for board identification, following the HAT standard.

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