Toshiba CUHS15F40,H3F Schottky Barrier Diode

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Toshiba CUHS15F40,H3F Schottky Barrier Diodes (SBDs) are suitable for rectifying power supply circuits and protecting reverse current. These diodes are high-speed switching devices that incorporate Si technology. The CUHS15F40,H3F diodes use a newly developed US2H package to achieve a low-thermal-resistance. These SBDs have reverse leakage greater than other types of diodes that make them more susceptible to thermal runaway under high-temperature and high-voltage conditions. To improve the efficiency of power supply use, these SBDs are required to have low forward voltage and low reverse current. The DC-DC boost converter ICs are used in voltage-boosting circuits for driving LCD backlight LEDs in portable devices like smartphone, tablets, and notebook PCs. In addition to the DC-DC converter circuits, these SBDs are also used in applications including motor driver circuits, MOSFET gate driver circuits, and freewheeling diodes.

  • Mounting Style: SMD/SMT
  • Package/Case: US2H-2
  • If - Forward Current: 1.5A
  • Vrrm - Repetitive Reverse Voltage: 40V
  • Vf - Forward Voltage: 0.49V
  • Ifsm - Forward Surge Current: 10A
  • Configuration: Single
  • Ir - Reverse Current: 110uA
  • Minimum Operating Temperature: -55C
  • Maximum Operating Temperature: +150C
  • Vr - Reverse Voltage: 40V



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