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Crowd Supply makerPower Solar is an intelligent solar power system ideal for Internet of Things (IoT) projects. The makerPower Solar combines a solar battery charger and a 5V power supply, enabling technical professionals and hobbyists to take their embedded systems and IoT devices off the grid and run them anywhere. The makerPower Solar can operate as a simple stand-alone power supply or as a peripheral capable of fully reporting power conditions. A true Maximum-Power Point (MPPT) algorithm extracts every joule of energy from all solar conditions.

  • Dimensions
    • 85mm x 56mm (same size as Raspberry Pi 3)
    • Mounting holes align with Raspberry Pi boards (including Pi Zero)
  • 12V Operation
    • Designed for 36-cell solar panels (typ. 25W to 40W)
    • Works with sealed AGM lead-acid batteries (typ. 7Ah to 18Ah)
  • 35W MPPT Charger
    • Dynamic Perturb and Observe algorithm
    • Three state charge: BULK, ABSORPTION, FLOAT
    • Temperature compensation
  • Dual Outputs
    • 5V, 2A (10W) managed output available from USB Type-A socket for plug and play with many devices or from a 0.1" header for direct connection
    • Fused and current monitored 12V (3A maximum) battery output available from a header
  • Digital Interface
    • I2C slave interface
    • Alert logic signal to notify of impending power-down
    • Night logic signal asserted when the solar panel is dark
  • Detachable temperature sensor for battery temperature monitoring


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