XBee RF Mulitprogrammer

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Programming Digi XBee® modules for deployment is not a complicated task. However, it does require each module to be programmed with the correct firmware, configuration parameters and any other code needed for the module to perform as needed in the deployed application.

Traditionally, programming RF modules is a one-at-a-time process. While this is not a problem for small deployments, programming hundreds or thousands of modules can be very time consuming.

The DIGI XBee® Multiprogrammer is a combination of hardware and software that allows for programming multiple DIGI Radio frequency (RF) devices. The device provides a fast and easy way to prepare devices for distribution or large network deployment. The XBee Multiprogrammer board is an enclosed hardware component that allows for programming up to six RF devices. This is because of its six external XBee sockets. The XBee Multiprogrammer application communicates with the boards and allows for setting up and executing programming sessions.

  • Each XBee Multi Programmer board allows you to program up to six devices simultaneously.
  • Connect more boards to increase the programming concurrency.
  • Different board variants cover all the XBee form factors to program almost any Digi RF device.
  • Intuitive application interface makes it easy to start programming modules in just a few minutes.
  • Unattended programming process allows you to just focus on the modules substitution in boards without wasting any time.
  • Export your programming session report or save it in a database to track all the progress you accomplish.
  • Automatic application update keeps you up to date with the latest software version.
  • Extensive and comprehensive online documentation can be accessed directly from the application.
  • Frequency: 2.4 GHz


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