Secure Boot 32GB microSD for Raspberry Pi

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Swissbit Secure Boot Solution for Raspberry Pi consists of PS-45u DP microSDHC memory cards and PU-50n DP USB flash drive. These memory devices feature Raspberry Pi boot loader protection, user data encryption and boot code, authentication, and many configurable security policies. The PS-45u memory cards offer a sequential read speed of up to 17MBps and a sequential write speed of up to 13MBps. The PU-50n USB flash drive provides a sequential read speed of up to 100MBps and a sequential write speed of up to 25MBps. These memory devices are used in key applications such as IP protection, theft protection, and license control by providing a unique ID (with NET policy).

  • Protecting Raspberry Pi boot loader (works with Raspberry Pi 2 and 3B+)
  • Authentication is performed during the Swissbit customized pre-boot phase to unlock access
  • Encrypting user data and boot code with AES 256bit to protect licenses, know-how, and IP
  • The boot image can be set as read-only to prevent unauthorized modification
  • -40°C to 85°C operating temperature range
  • Restricting the access to data on the card by various configurable security policies
    • PIN – check a PIN entered via a keyboard
    • USB – check the presence of a USB authentication device (requires a Swissbit USB PU-50n "Raspberry Edition“)
    • NET policy – check the presence of an authentication server in the network (requires an additional RaspberryPi as a server)


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