Intel Agilex™ F-Series FPGA Development Kit

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Intel® Agilex™ F-Series FPGA Development Kit is designed to develop and test PCIe 4.0 designs using the PCI-SIG-compliant development board. The Dev Kit also evaluates SoC features and performance using the Hard Processor System (HPS). The Intel Agilex F-Series FPGA Development Kit delivers a complete design environment that includes all the hardware and software within a PCI Express (PCIe) form factor.

  • Hardware:
  • Intel Agilex F-series FPGA development board
    • Mounted with Intel Agilex F-Series FPGA, 1400 KLE, 2486A package
  • 1X PCIe x16 Gen 4 golden finger connected to P-Tile transceivers
    • Support x1/x4/x8 mode
  • 3X DDR4 DIMMs sockets
    • Support 72 bits DDR4/DDR-T module in FPGA fabric interface
  • 1X DDR4 DIMM socket
    • Support 72 bits DDR4 module for HPS memory interface
  • 2X DDR4 DIMM module (8GB each)
  • 2X standard quad small-form-factor pluggable double density (QSFP-DD) cages
  • HPS interface supporting ETH, UART, SD card socket, eMMC, and Mictor connector
  • AC adapter power and USB cables
  • Software:
  • Design examples
  • Board Update Portal design
  • Board Test System (BTS) design
  • Documentation:
    • Intel Agilex F-Series FPGA Development Kit User Guide
    • Quick Start Guide
  • Board design files
  • Intel Quartus® Prime Pro Edition software (required)


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  • Is this the single most expensive thing Sparkfun sells? I'd be interested in the story of how exactly these ended up in Sparkfun's inventory, I can't imagine you expected to sell many to your typical audience at this price!

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