Zynq 7000 SODIMM SOM heatsink

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iWave Systems SODIMM Heat Sink is intended for SODIMM i.MX8M Mini/Nano, Zynq 7000, RZ/G1E, i.MX6 modules. The SODIMM Heat Sink consists of aluminium material in a 67.5mm x 31.5mm package. The device uses a silicone elastomer as thermal gap pad between the CPU and the heat sink. The Heat Sink is light weight and rugged, designed to be easily attached with the iWave’s Qseven system on modules.

  • 67.5mm x 31.5mm Package
  • Aluminium material
  • Silicone elastomer as a thermal gap pad
  • Rugged and light weight
  • Mounting Style: Screw
  • Fin Style: Forged Fin


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