GPDF357B Embedded GPS Stacked Passive Patch Antenna

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Taoglas GPDF357 Embedded GPS Stacked Passive Patch Antennas support both GPS L1/Galileo E1 and GPS L2 bands. These antennas feature a stacked patch design that consists of two patches with the bottom patch measuring 35mm x 35mm x 4mm and the top patch measuring 25mm x 25mm x 3mm. Each of these patches have one pin feed and utilizing two patches ensures a low axial ratio can be achieved. GPDF357 antennas exhibit an excellent gain and good radiation pattern stability, allowing for a reliable GNSS fix, even in areas of weaker signal strength. Taoglas GPDF357 Antennas are ideal for precision agriculture, RTK systems, high accuracy positioning, and public safety applications.

  • Minimum Frequency: 1.2276 GHz
  • Maximum Frequency: 1.57542 GHz
  • Application: Galileo E1, GPS L1/L2
  • Number of Bands: 2 Band
  • Mounting Style: Adhesive Mount
  • Dimensions: 35x35x7.15mm



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