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Mikroe Brushless 7 Click

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Mikroe Brushless 7 Click is a motor driver based expansion board for controlling BLCD motors with any microcontroller. The board is based on the Toshiba TC78B009FTG IC three-phase BLDC motor controller that does not require Hall sensors. It features a built-in, closed-loop speed control function that regulates motor rotational speed under dynamic power fluctuations, and load variations. It eliminates the need for an external MCU for closed loop speed control with a precise setting of a speed profile done by the built-in nonvolatile memory (NVM). It's ideal for applications that include high-speed fans used in servers, blowers, cordless vacuum cleaners, and robot vacuum cleaners.

  • On-board modules
    • Toshiba TC78B009FTG,EL IC three-phase BLDC motor controller
  • Sensorless PWM drive
  • Capable to drive Delta or Wye configured motors
  • Motor speed control by analog voltage
  • PWM duty cycle, or I2C
  • I2C, PWM, GPIO interface
  • mikroBUS compatibility
  • L (57.15mm x 25.4mm) click board size
  • 3.3V or 5V input voltage


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