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Thermoelectric Peltier Module - 2 A, wire leads

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CUI Devices Micro Peltier Modules are miniature thermoelectric coolers offering precise temperature control. CUI Devices Micro Peltier Modules offer compact package sizes. Available with ΔTmax rating of +70°C (Th=27°C), these micro thermoelectric coolers feature current rating of 2A, voltage rating of 3.8V, and Qmax rating of 4.3W (Th=27°C). Their reliable solid-state construction, precise temperature control, and quiet operation make these micro Peltier modules ideal for space-constrained designs where forced air cooling is not an option.

  • Qmax: 4.3W
  • Delta Tmax: +70C
  • Maximum Current: 2A
  • Maximum Voltage: 3.8V
  • Length: 8.8mm
  • Width: 8.8mm
  • Height: 2.19mm
  • Termination Style: Wire Leads
  • Lead Length: 50mm


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