6 1/2 Digit Bench Multimeter

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B&K Precision 5490C Digital Multimeters are 5½- and 6½-digit bench multimeters designed for accuracy, repeatability, and ease-of-use. The meters offer a wide measurement range with speeds up to 1000 readings per second and a basic DCV accuracy up to 35ppm to deliver stable measurement results quickly and accurately. The multimeters feature simple and intuitive switching between the 12 measurement functions and display modes for a variety of test setups. The operating software supports remote instrument control, live measurement monitoring, and data logging. B&K Precision 5490C Digital Multimeters are ideal for demanding engineering, production, and service applications.

  • 12 measurement functions
    • DCV
    • ACV
    • DCI
    • ACI
    • 2 and 4-wire resistance
    • Capacitance
    • Frequency
    • Diode
    • Temperature
    • Continuity test
    • DCV ratio
  • High-contrast 4.3" full-color LCD
  • Histogram, bar meter, and trend chart offer a variety of data analysis options
  • Accurate frequency measurements to 1MHz
  • Displays Min, Max, Peak-Peak, Average, Standard Deviation statistics simultaneously
  • Null, dB, dB, %, mx+b, and run/stop math functions
  • Internal storage buffer holds 10,000 readings
  • Measurement speed up to 1000 readings/s
  • 35ppm basic DC voltage accuracy
  • 2-wire and 4-wire resistance measurements down to 10Ω
  • Dual measurement display
  • Temperature measurement capability using a Pt100 or 5kΩ thermistor probe
  • Rackmount kit option (RK02)
  • Rear input terminals for rack use (6½-digit model only)
  • Standard USB (USBTMC-compliant), RS232, and LAN interfaces, GPIB option
  • Real-time clock/calendar to set/read time and date



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