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Mikroe Mikromedia 4 for TIVA Capacitive

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Mikroe Mikromedia 4 for TIVA Capacitive is a complete solution for the rapid development of multimedia and GUI-centric applications. The board features a USB, digital motion sensor, battery-charging functionality, SD card reader, and much more. The Mikromedia 4 has two standardized 1x26-pin headers that expose the available MCU pins, adding another layer of expandability. Use the Mikromedia 4 shield to expand connectivity with several mikroBUS™ sockets to add connectors, peripherals, and more.

  • 4.3" TFT display with capacitive touch screen
  • Powerful graphics controller that can display the 24-bit color palette (16.7 million colors)
  • DSP-powered embedded sound CODEC IC
  • No additional hardware modifications required
  • Powerful 32-bit Texas Instruments TM4C129XNCZADI3 microcontroller
  • Fur mounting holes at all four corners
  • Dedicated audio CODEC IC, labeled as VS1053B
  • USB, digital motion sensor, battery-charging functionality, SD card reader, and much more
  • Two standardized 1x26 pin headers
  • Power Supply Unit (PSU) provides a clean and regulated power
  • microSD card slot allows storing large amounts of data externally
  • The host MCU is equipped with the USB peripheral module, allowing simple USB connectivity
  • Ethernet controller is integrated in TM4C129L(X)NCZAD microcontroller
  • RTC peripheral utilizes a separate power supply source, typically a battery
  • Ambient light sensor (ALS) can be used for dimming the screen intensity in low-light conditions
  • An infrared (IR) receiver with the integrated PIN diode and a demodulation section allows simple control over an IR remote controller
  • MCP9700A integrated low-power linear active thermistor allows measurement of the ambient temperature
  • A High-brightness RGB LED option can be used to provide visual feedback
  • Reset button located on the front side of the board


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