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Renesas Electronics RTK0EMX270S01020BJ Evaluation Kit

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Renesas Electronics RTK0EMX270S01020BJ Evaluation Kit evaluates the RX family and Resolver to Digital Converter (RDC). This kit consists of a 48V 2A inverter board, RX24T CPU card with RDC IC, stepping motor with resolver sensor, and various cables. This evaluation kit is compatible with the support tool for motor control development with an onboard emulator circuit. The RTK0EMX270S01020BJ evaluation kit comes with a protection circuit of 8A rated current fuse and 75V or higher repetitive peak reverse voltage. The RTK0EMX270S01020BJ operates at 24V to 48V input voltage range and comes with a 20MHz crystal oscillator.

  • 48V inverter board
  • RX24T CPU card with RDC IC
  • Stepping motor with resolver sensor
  • Various cables
  • 24V to 48V input voltage range
  • 20MHz crystal oscillator
  • Supplied motor:
    • 42mm square size
    • 2A peak/phase rated current
  • Inverter circuit:
    • 100W maximum output
    • 20kHz or lower switching frequency
  • Protection circuit:
    • 8A rated current fuse
    • 75V or higher repetitive peak reverse voltage
  • Current detection:
    • 25mΩ shunt resistor
    • 0.25V to 4.75V input voltage range
  • Stepping motor servo control kit, which performs stepper motor servo control using an inverter circuit based on current and position feedback system
  • Sample code with a resolver motor corresponding to the kit is available
  • Supports motor control development support tool Renesas motor workbench, and is ideal for learning and debugging motor control using a kit
  • Board is equipped with an R17PMK440CNVA4438 stepping motor with a resolver sensor and RAA3064002GFP resolver-to-digital converter
  • CPU card equipped with RX24T motor control microcontroller is included, and motor control using a revolver can be realized with RX24T
  • User interface:Input:
    • One toggle switch, one push switch
    • Variable resistors
  • Display:
    • Three LEDs
    • LED for the power supply of the inverter control circuit
    • LED for the power supply of the CPU card


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