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Terabee TeraRanger Evo Swipe Plus - UART

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Terabee TeraRanger Evo Swipe Plus Touchless Sensor Modules provide four modes in one small sensor module. The sensor can detect the presence of people and their proximity to the sensor and the direction they are moving. The touchless gesture recognition mode allows for individuals to interact with information panels, kiosks, and other devices. Terabee TeraRanger Evo Swipe Plus Touchless Sensor Modules reduce the risk of virus transmission and the need for constant disinfection of user interfaces.

  • 4 modes in one small sensor module
    • Presence detection
    • Direction detection
    • Engagement trigger
    • Touchless gesture control
  • One small TOF sensor module
  • Embedded algorithm for autonomous mode switching
  • Small, discreet sensor (not a camera)
  • General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliant
  • Easy integration


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