Sensirion SFA30 Formaldehyde Sensor Module

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Sensirion SFA30 Formaldehyde Sensor Module is a digital sensor designed for easy integration into air purifiers, demand-controlled ventilation systems, or indoor air quality monitors. SFA30 Formaldehyde Sensor is based on Sensirion's electrochemical technology and offers excellent formaldehyde sensing performance with a uniquely low cross-sensitivity to other volatile organic compounds (VOCs). The sensor module’s on-board SHT sensor provides accurate humidity and temperature readings and enables a fully temperature/humidity compensated and factory calibrated formaldehyde concentration output in ppb. Selectable digital UART and I2C interface options, a standard electrical connector, and versatile mounting options make the integration easy. The sensor module offers accuracy of ±20ppb or ±20% of measured value, whichever is larger. SFA30 offers 0ppb to 1000ppb measurement range, excellent long-term stability, and six years' service lifetime.

  • Low cross-sensitivity to ethanol
  • Long-term stability and six years’ service lifetime
  • Patented electrochemical cell with anti-dry technology
  • I2C/UART interface with lifetime-calibrated output
  • Fully temperature and humidity compensated via Sensirion RHT sensor


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