ams AS6221-AWLT-S Digital Temperature Sensor

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ams AS6221 Digital Temperature Sensors consist of a Si bandgap temperature sensor, an ADC, and a digital signal processor. The AS6221 Digital Temperature Sensors communicate via a 2-wire digital bus with other devices.

The ams AS6221 Digital Temperature Sensors are designed to be used in applications where high measurement accuracy is required, including measuring skin temperature. The AS6221 Sensors can also be used to replace PTC resistors. The AS6221 is ideally suited for mobile/battery powered applications via the high-temperature accuracy and ultra-low power consumption.

The AS6221 Sensors provide ease-of-use and feature a factory-calibrated sensor, integrated linearization, and the possibility of using eight different I²C addresses, enabling the use of eight AS6221 devices on one bus.

Additionally, the AS6221 temperature sensor system offers alert functionality, which triggers an interrupt to protect devices from excessive temperatures.

  • High measurement accuracy of ±0.09°C (20°C to 42°C)
  • Low power consumption of 6µA @ Operation (typical, @ 4Hz)
  • Supply voltage range of 1.7-3.6V (0°C to 125°C)
  • Small PCB footprint size of 1.5mm x 1mm (WLCSP)


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  • MattiasF / about 10 months ago / 1

    Yes please change the image. I bought this on a whim hope it was a promo price to start tinkering with but ended up paying $18 (price, shipping, tax) for a 1x1mm flake in a box :)

  • Member #1678258 / about a year ago / 1

    There is an issue with this image. The image is for the AS6221-DK demonstration kit which is as the picture shows a Bluetooth puck with a battery and the TINY IC attach to it. Please change the image to show that your not selling the DK (Demo Kit) but just the IC>

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