4D Systems 4Discovery-50 Starter Kit - RS485, WiFi, Bluetooth

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4D Systems 4Discovery-50 Starter Kits feature 4Discovery-50 display solutions with a DIABLO16 processor. The SK-4Discovery-50W offers a 4Discovery-50 in daughterboard 1 configuration with Wi-Fi® and BLUETOOTH® option, a uSD-4GB-Industrial microSD card, and a 4D-RS48-Programmer module for programming via RS485.

  • SK-4Discovery-50W (Starter Kit):
    • 4Discovery-50 in Daughter Board 1 configuration with WiFi and Bluetooth enabled
    • uSD-4GB-industrial microSD card
    • 4D-RS48-programmer for programming the module via RS485
  • Viewing Area: 62.56 mm x 110.53 mm


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