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Ohmite TAP-TP1 Graphite Thermal Pad

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Ohmite TAP-TP1 Graphite Thermal Pads are thermal interface materials (TIMs) designed for applications requiring reliable performance, low contact resistance, long life, low maintenance, and high thermal conductivity. Ohmite TAP-TP1 Thermal Pads ensure an exact fit and reduce module-to-module variation during assembly. The compressibility of the material improves surface contact, reducing thermal impedance. The material compression compensates for flatness variations of up to 125μm. The high in-plane thermal conductivity of this material reduces hot spots. These thermal pads are designed for long-life applications with extreme heat cycles and are made of flexible graphite that is engineered for demanding power electronics applications.

  • 200µm ±20 typical thickness
  • 100kPa (15psi) minimum clamping force
  • -40°C to +400°C operating temperature range
  • Consistent, reliable thermal performance enabling zero-maintenance applications
  • Will not low or pump out under any thermal extremes, thermal cycles, power again, and power cycling or part orientation
  • No degradation in performance from initial install and over the life of the application
  • Assembly-ready foil form factor eliminates dispensing and cleaning processes
  • Easy installation removes the need for Burn-in or re-torque, enabling a single-step install
  • Minimal outgassing prevents fouling of optics in lighting applications



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