LiFePO4wered/Pi+ (18650 Battery) w/ Stackable Header

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The LiFePO4wered/Pi+ is a high performance battery power system for the Raspberry Pi. It can power a Raspberry Pi for up to 9 hours from the battery (depending on installed battery size, Raspberry Pi model, attached peripherals and system load) and can be left plugged in continuously.

  • Provide high power density, extended cycle life (2000+ cycles), and safety from fire and explosions
  • Smart auto-adjusting charge current allowing charge currents up to 1.5A
  • An on-board mechanical on/off button providing clean boot/shutdown capability even in headless setups
  • Compatible with original Raspberry Pi model A and model B with additional wiring
  • Convenient connection points for input power, 5V output power, and switched battery power


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