breakyBreaky Breakout Board

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krtkl breakyBreaky Breakout Board is a snickerdoodle breakout baseboard that enables engineers to access the full snickerdoodle pinout via 0.1" (2.54mm) headers. For applications and projects that have less stringent size constraints, the 3.94×4.92" (100×125mm) breakyBreaky comes loaded with 270 pins, and a 14-pin Xilinx JTAG header, a 0.1" (2.54mm) grid plated-through-hole prototyping area, DC power jack, and four adhesive-backed locking PCB supports.

  • I/O
    • 270 I/O pins on 0.1” Pitch Headers
  • Programming Interfaces
    • 14-pin 2mm Xilinx JTAG Header
  • Additional Features
    • 0.1" grid plated-through-hole prototyping area
  • Power
    • 5-12V via 2.5x5.5mm DC Barrel Jack
  • Mechanical
    • 4.92x3.94" (125x100mm)
    • 4 adhesive-base locking PCB supports


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