Tflex HP34 Thermal Gap Filler (1.00 Thickness, 127x76mm)

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Laird Tflex™ HP34 Thermal Gap Filler is a silicone-free, high-performance gap filler that consists of graphite fibers expertly aligned to provide very high bulk thermal conductivity (34W/mK). In addition to the high bulk thermal conductivity, Tflex HP34 is uniquely designed to maintain its thermal performance within an application under increased pressure. Best performance will occur in the lower pressure range of 10psi to 30psi. The Laird Tflex HP34 Thermal Gap Filler also offers low contact resistance to the mating surfaces.

  • 34W/mK bulk thermal conductivity
  • Silicone-free formulation
  • Maintains thermal performance under increased pressure
  • Low contact resistance with mating surfaces
  • Environmentally friendly with RoHS and REACH compliance
  • Length: 127 mm
  • Width: 76 mm
  • Thickness: 1.0 mm



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