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Molex Multi-Hub 5-in-1 Antenna

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Molex Multi-Hub 5-in-1 Antenna features 2x 5G, 2x Wi-Fi®, and 1x GPS functionalities with an IP67 environmental protection rating. Molex Multi-Hub 5-in-1 Antenna offers easy mounting in a low-profile design, making it ideal for advanced commercial vehicle and wireless applications. Multi-Hub 5-in-1 Antenna operates over a 698MHz to 960MHz or 1710MHz to 5GHz cellular 5G frequency range. The antenna also features 2.4GHz to 6GHz Wi-Fi and 1575MHz GPS.

  • Minimum Frequency: 698 MHz, 1500 MHz, 1561 MHz, 1710 MHz, 2400 MHz, 3300 MHz, 5000 MHz,
  • Maximum Frequency: 960 MHz, 1602 MHz, 1700 MHz, 2500 MHz, 2690 MHz, 5000 MHz, 6000 MHz
  • Protocol - Cellular, NBIoT, LTE: Cellular, LTE
  • Protocol - GPS, GLONASS: GPS
  • Protocol - WiFi - 802.11: WiFi
  • Gain: 2.79 dBi, 3.01 dBi, 3.17 dBi, 3.22 dBi,3.68 dBi, 3.76dBi, 3.98 dBi, 4.03 dBi, 4.05 dBi, 4.09 dBi, 5.81 dBi, 28 dB
  • Impedance: 50 Ohms
  • VSWR: 2
  • Power Rating: 2 W
  • Minimum Operating Temperature: - 40 C
  • Maximum Operating Temperature: + 85 C
  • Electrical Type: MIMO
  • Number of Bands: 7 Band
  • Mounting Style: Adhesive Mount
  • Termination Style: Connector
  • Antenna Connector Type: SMA Male
  • Length: 155 mm
  • Width: 65 mm
  • Height: 20 mm
  • IP Rating: IP66
  • Cable Type: LMR-200, RG-174
  • Cable Length: 1000 mm
  • Polarization: Linear


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  • Hey Sparkfun, please include these links in the product description/document tab:

    Product Data Sheet: https://www.molex.com/pdm_docs/ps/2165891000-PS.pdf Application Specifications: https://www.molex.com/pdm_docs/as/2165891000-000.pdf Product Cut Sheet: https://www.content.molex.com/dxdam/d7/d71c2fed-0fb5-420f-8a4a-a2a75e130161/987652-2802.pdf Product drawing: https://www.molex.com/pdm_docs/sd/2165891000_sd.pdf

    Also, please confirm if the antenna has any VHB tape on it or not.

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