Kneron 3D AI Face Smart Lock

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Kneron 3D AI Face Smart Lock combines sophisticated face-recognition and fingerprint identification in a single access-control device. Based on the Kneron KL520 AI SoC (System on a Chip), the 3D AI Face Smart Lock uses Edge Artificial Intelligence (AI) for recognition. As the face-recognition and fingerprint data is all processed and stored on the device rather than in the Cloud, the system provides fast response time and data security.

Using a real-time NIR (Near-Infrared) + RGB camera and Edge AI algorithms, the Smart Lock captures 3D facial information, enabling it to resist "spoofing" attacks such as masks, photos, and videos.

The Kneron 3D AI Face Smart Lock can be equipped with a BLUETOOTH®, Wi-Fi®, or NB-IoT) (NarrowBand-Internet of Things) module for wireless connectivity. The device can also be unlocked by a six to twelve-digit password.

  • 3D face recognition module
    • NIR + RGB camera
    • 2.8" LCD display
    • In vivo safety
      • Pass rate: ≥97.80%
      • False recognition rate: @FRA 0.0001%
    • Identify security
      • Pass rate: ≥98.50%
      • False recognition rate: @FRA 0.0001%
    • Face capacity: 100
    • Recognition speed: <1 second
    • Side range: 1.3M to 1.85M
  • Fingerprint module
    • Sampling pixel: 160 x 160
    • Fingerprint capacity: 100
    • False rate: <0.1%
    • False recognition rate: <0.001%
  • Password module
    • Password length: 6 to 12 digit
    • Code capacity: 20
    • Password protection supported
    • Virtual password supported
  • Power characteristics
    • Power supply: 8 "AA" batteries
    • Standby power: <100µA
    • Battery life: Approximately one year
    • Emergency power supply:USB external 5V
  • Environmental characteristics
    • -10°C to +60°C operating temperature
    • 40% to 90% operating relative humidity


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