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Renesas Electronics RL78/F13 Starter Kit

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Renesas Electronics RL78/F13 Starter Kit is designed to evaluate the RL78/F13 Microcontrollers. The RL78/F13 Microcontrollers offer a low consumption current, 16KB to 128KB flash memory range, and a 20 to 80-pin package. The Renesas RL78/F13 Starter Kit features the QB-R5F10BMG-TB target board, which contains an RL78/F13 device with 80 pins and 128KB Flash memory.

  • KickStart edition of IAR EWRL78 (16KB)
  • E1 On-chip debugging emulator
  • Quick-start guide, user’s manual and sample software
  • 80-pin device (R5F10BMG)
  • CAN & LIN interface
  • One switch, two LEDs
  • Breadboard area (2.54mm pin pitch)
  • 4MHz main clock resonator
  • 14-pin debugging and programming interface


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